Saturday, September 5, 2009

Now for a few personal stats on some of my favorite (or least favorite) shows:

You may have seen the list on the sidebar of some of my favorite TV shows ever! Well, here are some explanations why:

My absolute favorite show EVER is:

The Dick Van Dyke Show

The show that is guaranteed to cheer me up in any situation is:

I Love Lucy

Two shows I have an intense dislike for, but have sadly seen every episode for (because of close relations who don't know what's bad for them) are:

The Brady Bunch and Star Trek

My favorite detective/policeman is:


My two favorite outlaws are from:

Alias Smith and Jones [Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry]

First show I was addicted to and watched every afternoon starting when I was five until it stopped being shown when I was ten (and I've longed to have on DVD since then, and now it finally is coming out) is:


Favorite sci-fi, spy western:

The Wild Wild West

Favorite loner is from:

Wanted: Dead or Alive [Josh Randall]

Best host is:
It's a tie!!!!

The Twilight Zone [Rod Serling] and Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Show with a cast that is completely funny (no non-funny cast members):

The Mary Tyler Moore Show [Okay, I don't actually like the character of Sue Ann Nivens very much, but she's within a margin of error]

Show my family has always had the strangest obsession with:


Favorite character who doesn't really do anything, but go around acting cool:

The Saint

The best animated show ever:

The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show

Favorite show that I watch almost exclusively on YouTube is:

What's My Line?

Most hilariously annoying neighbor is from:

Leave It To Beaver [Eddie Haskell]

Favorite gambler is:

Maverick [Bret Maverick, of course!!!]

2nd favorite show executive-produced by Jack Webb:


Show that I usually only watch with my little brothers and/or when I have super-bad asthma is:

Gilligan's Island

Favorite private investigator who lives in a trailer:

The Rockford Files [Jim Rockford]

Show I always used to watch with my two older brothers is:

The Lone Ranger

Show with the randomest assortment of professions among the characters is:
The Bob Newhart Show [psychiatrist, dentist, secretary, pilot, and teacher...just in this photo alone!]

Show that I wish very badly was available (at least more than a few episodes here and there) on DVD is:

Bat Masterson

Show that I love even though I don't particularly like any of the cast is:

Hawaii Five-0

Show I like for no apparent reason besides the fact that it's a western...and I LOVE almost all westerns (except a few: notably me the shivers just thinking about having to watch it!) is:

The Deputy

So, now you know (even though you really didn't want to know) many of my favorite shows...and why! Of course I'm sure there are a few I have forgotten (I always forget some), but that's okay...I'm sure you'll be hearing about them soon enough....;-D


The Vintage Vamp said...

Yay for I Love Lucy!! :) I agree, that show can cheer me up no matter how down I am, love it!

Hamlette said...

With the exception of your hatred of Star Trek, I'm with you on pretty much all those! I hope you pick this blog back up again, because it looks like fun :-)

Alex said...

Ah, I am SO with you on the Dick Van Dyke show. I think it's the best show of all time, the likes of which has never been seen before or since, nor ever will be. That show is comedic genius. With Lucy close behind. :)