Friday, February 12, 2010

I can always turn on I Love Lucy...

I'm a bit in a gloomy mood right now...for a variety of reasons which would probably be INCREDIBLY boring for me to go in to...."The Inner Workings of Millie's Mind"...haha!

But, there is always something I can put on to make me feel better (on a side note I am ALSO sick right now...ugh!).

I Love Lucy.

This show is always there for me. I don't recall the very first episode I watched. As is true for many classic films and shows and music for me - the first time I remember experiencing them...I had already experienced them many times before. (If that makes sense?)

I love this show I really do. It's literally a part of me. Lucy, Ricky, Fred, and Ethel...are old friends. That may sound strange to you, but not to me (hehehe...I'm starting to sound like Norman Bates or something).

Watching I Love Lucy brings back only good memories, despite the fact that I often watch it when I'm most depressed.

I Love Lucy is being five and sitting in front of the TV on a Saturday morning, while my mum makes waffles.

I Love Lucy is being eight and sitting in front of the TV with a big pile of pretzels and all my six brothers and sisters.

I Love Lucy is being ten and watching the familiar shows again with my five year-old brother...who is just beginning to understand them. (And eating lots of pretzels.)

I Love Lucy is being 13 and babysitting my two younger brothers and sneaking the laundry baskets down to the Family Room to watch it while we fold the clothes...and eat pretzels.

I Love Lucy is being 15. It's still watching it with my siblings, even though it's just the three of us...(my sisters are both married and my older brothers have jobs)'s still laughing so hard we cry...and my youngest brother and I (asthma) getting so wheezy we have to rush to our inhalers (possibly partially because of all the pretzels).

In short, so many happy memories are impossibly entwined with this show. So, now as I'm putting it in (hmmm, I think maybe the "Madame X" episode), I know by the end of it, my gloominess will be gone. Instead I'll probably just be left with an intense craving for pretzels! ;-D


Okay, now this was a rather depressingly annoying post! I'm sorry. Really! And I promise I am thoroughly devoted to this blog now! I have a new series I'm going to announce post-haste! Thanks for sticking around followers! :-D