Wednesday, December 14, 2011



{Yeah, I know this is from the movie. I DON'T CARE. It's awesome. ;-D}

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Debut: "Homeward Bound" - A Tribute to The Fugitive

Yes, yes, yes. I made another random, smushed up Fugitive tribute video.


{And, errm, I have waaay too much fun making these videos.}

Set to "Homeward Bound" by Simon and Garfunkel, this video isn't nearly as awesome as my other tribute to Dr. Richard Kimble ("HOBO'S LULLABY" FOREVER!) -- but I still kind of love it.

You see, sometimes there isn't time to watch a whole episode of The Fugitive! How else am I gonna get my fix of the twitchy, little smirk?! Simple: I watch a quick, condensed version. A pile of awesomeness all smushed together!

Enjoy! ;-D


Monday, September 5, 2011

The twitchy, little smirk is eternal

There was a little thing going around Tumblr, where people would take the definition and post a gif of someone underneath it. I, of course, posted random people that apparently no one knew (just Bradford Dillman's evil smile and David Janssen's twitchy, little smirk. SHEESH.)

Anyway. I had to repost it here, because Dr. Richard Kimble's twitchy, little smirk....truly is forever. ;-D

-Millie, she requests that no one pay any attention to her craziness.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Photo of the Day!

Honey about to take down Sam.

This is what they do for fun when they're bored.

It's completely normal. Aunt Meg thinks nothing of it -- neither does Honey's pet ocelot Bruce, who is lounging on the couch in the corner.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Clip of the Day!

What do I do better than starting new series that I never follow up on? This one is just for all the random TV scenes that I love so much.

Route 66: "An Absence Of Tears"

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Clothes Make the Man: Josh Randall, The Khaki Pants Wearing Bounty Hunter of the West (he doesn't care what you think)

Okay, they're not necessarily khaki pants, but we're going to pretend they are. ;-D

Josh Randall is a stinkin' style icon. Everything about his character is not normal, so to completely confuse and not let you understand him at all -- he doesn't dress "typically" either.

Josh Randall is a bounty hunter. Bounty hunters are reviled in all self-respecting classic television westerns. They are considered cowardly, savage, irresponsible, and just plain evil. Josh Randall is also a loner; he doesn't really like working with other people. Josh Randall is also the protagonist -- the hero of Wanted: Dead or Alive.

So, you know, to maybe smooth over the fact their protagonist was a bounty hunter, you'd think that the people responsible would have wanted Steve McQueen to really look like the part of THE good guy.


Josh Randall wanders around the West wearing an anti-hero brown shirt, khaki pants (WITHOUT A BELT), and The Mare's Leg (his sawed-off shotgun or rifle or whatever). He just doesn't care.

But, the clothes fit the character. Josh Randall is inscrutable and impossibly cool (quite different from the man playing him, of course).

One never knows exactly what Josh Randall may do. He's cares slightly less about the "justice" part of bounty hunting than he does about the money part of it. (Julie Taggert: My father gets paid $40 a month for capturing men like Jumbo Kane, Forty dollars! You collect a thousand for doing the same thing. Josh: Yes, ma'am. That's why I do it.) But, he's also been known to give part or all his rewards away to people in need. He refuses some nuns who beg him for his help in rescuing a nun who has been taken hostage because they cannot pay him and "prayers can't help him much at the poker table." But, he eventually rescues the nun and takes down the bad guys. He's basically just completely softhearted as he ALWAYS comes around to helping the those who need him -- it's just not usually his first response (or even necessarily a part of his normal nature ;-D).

Anyway, back to the actual CLOTHES part of this post.

Along with his basic brown and khaki, Josh can be often seen sporting one of two jackets. Either the one pictured above or -- more commonly -- his beloved, gross, sheep fur-ish coat:

And occasionally if he's just relaxing around town, Josh Randall even dons a suit! (Note: I WANTED to screencap the episode where all of his clothes besides his suit are basically being held hostage and he gets into so many fights that by the end of the ep the poor suit is just so beat-up and pitiful, but that disc is not currently in my immediate possession. SADNESS. ;-D)

But, of course, Josh Randall's most awesome appearance choice is his face The Mare's Leg.

The Mare's Leg is just COOL. It's quite famous, as apparently every person living in the west in the 1870s recognizes it.

It's an unusual weapon, but it fits (I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but Josh Randall is an atypical western hero).

Really, as I started to explain before, it is difficult to understand Josh Randall. He's a bounty hunter, but he's also quite intelligent (he apparently worked at a bank before he fled the "jail") and is seemingly "above" most of the people he meets.

Look at this conversation from "Call Your Shot":

Hendricks: I guess you figure this town owes you an apology, Mr. Randall?
Josh: Not at all, Mr. Hendricks. This town can only do one thing for me.
Hendricks: What's that?
Josh: Watch me ride out. It's gonna be the first time in a week I feel clean.

Oh, JUNK IT. Hendricks just felt the full force of Josh Randall in moral outrage mode. ;-D

And really, Josh Randall does not get angry that often. He possesses an almost frightening amount of patience. I mean, how else did he manage to put up with Jason (his SCARILY ANNOYING, temporary sidekick) for half of the second season?! And HOW ELSE does he manage to NOT murder that reporter from "The Twain Shall Meet" who I am ready to strangle within three seconds?!

Please Josh! Kill him now and put us out of our misery! ;-D

This post makes no sense at all. I am very sorry. Josh Randall and his clothes and his awesomeness deserve much better than this, BUT I JUST CAN'T EXPLAIN IT! So, how about a few random shots?

Anyway, even though this post is basically just crazy rambling about nothing, Wanted: Dead or Alive is an impossible brilliantly cool show that everyone needs to go watch! Josh Randall is a unique and fascinating character played perfectly by Steve McQueen and everything is utterly Wowzie Kazam.


Stella Winter: How can we ever thank you?
Josh: A check would do very nicely.

Friday, July 8, 2011


RTV HAS ADDED THE SAINT TO ITS PROGRAMMING. EVERYTHING IS PERFECT RIGHT NOW. (Oh, and the moment I saw the new programming, I ran out and The Saint was on... PLAYING MY FAVORITE EPISODE EVER!)

{Millie is sad that they cut Adam-12, Emergency!, Alfred Hitchcock Hour, and The Rockford Files. However, she is also pleased about Route 66 and the return of Peter Gunn. As you can see, Millie is not quite herself and is therefore talking in the third person.}

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Creepy, Female Pete Malloy Stalker of the Day


Okay, seriously, I will be writing up a full and "well-done" post about Josh Randall's clothes later today. I SHALL BE SOLEMN. I PROMISE. heh heh heh

Friday, June 24, 2011


We're gonna miss you, Mr. Falk.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Photo of the Day!

David Janssen is watching himself on TV....AND SMILING.

I am not prepared to handle this kind of utter coolness.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Go...and view the perfection...NOW!

My youngest brother just showed me this (it was a special feature on one of his Incredible Hulk seasons) and I immediately had to post it to YouTube.

It's horribly cheesy...BUT SO PERFECT.

Everyone needs to go watch the utter brilliance of Alias Smith and Jones. You will NEVER be disappointed! NEVER. ;-D


Thrilling Themes: The Wild Wild West

Theme songs can make or break a show in my opinion (and my opinion is clearly the majority opinion always ;-D). Brilliant theme songs can elevate a show to legendary status -- and forever be stuck in the minds of all who hear it once.

One of my absolute favorite, if not favorite, theme songs of all time is for The Wild Wild West (one of the most obviously perfect products of television ever). The music itself is just utterly awesome and exciting and wunderbar. But then you add in the spectacular visuals, and you get a stylish and utterly '60s creation -- absolutely perfect for a show that is classified in the genre of sci-fi spy western.

1st season (B/W):

2nd-4th seasons (color):

Besides the change from B/W to color, there is also the added bit with James West punching the lady. This is actually very unlike Jim (first season is more realistic to the show) and he only hit a lady once in the entire series -- and it was actually a guy disguised as a lady (it's a long story ;-D). But, hey. It's all cool and she kinda deserved it, so... (Not a good plan to pull a knife on President Grant's greatest Secret Service Agent.)

Just hearing that music gets me all excited (and oddly wanting to eat a pack of Smarties...which is inexplicably strange) AND I REALLY NEED TO GO HAVE A WWW MARATHON. Okay, bye!

I'll be back tomorrow with another favorite theme song!


Any WWW fans out there?!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

100 Things I LOVE About Classic Television

Oh, hey there! Anyone remember me?!

The last post in this blog (um, from over a year ago) was either maudlinly annoying or annoyingly maudlin. I CAN'T DECIDE WHICH! ;-D

Anyway, I'm back with a cheerier post!

I've seen some different blogs list their 100 favorite things about movies, so I thought it would be exceedingly fun to create a list about TV!

These 100 are not really in any order, except the first few are a little more favorite than the bottom few. Otherwise, it was just as I thought of them.

If possible keep a total of how many you understand/recognize-- because I have a feeling that unless you are a very odd classic TV fan, many of these will be incomprehensible! SHEESH! ;-D

100. Everything about Eddie Haskell

99. LAND SHARK! "The cleverest species of them all."

98. The absolute idiocy of 98.3% of all bad guys on Adam-12. (Arguing about money on a busy street while carrying a paper bag with a marijuana plant in a flower pot inside?! REALLY, BAD GUYS?!)

97. "Mr. Kreshlow, Mr. Kreshlow....YOUR CHICKENS ARE DEAD." {5:40}

96. The Kid's love of sleeping: on the stagecoach, in jail, while sitting on a tree branch -- it really doesn't matter to him.

95. Fred Astaire as Alistair Mundy.  (Only he could make me watch {AND ENJOY} an episode of THAT show!)

94. Pete Duel + Judy Carne (in any show together)

93. Johnny Gage's inability to win at card games (even ones in which he creates all the rules).

92. The musical Hamlet

91. Josh Randall's love of apples.

90. Emily Hartley's laugh

89. The perfection of Nellie and Willie Oleson

88. Dr. Richard Kimble's "twitchy, little smirk" (These are not my words. hahaha)

87. “Let me tell you something about Simon Templar. The more he smiles, the more helpful, the more cooperative, honest, and charming he is— the more you can be sure he is plotting something diabolical.”

86. Sir Alfred saying "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen."

85. Richard Diamond

84. Honey West's pet ocelot, Bruce

83. The awesomely maniacal genius' who thought THIS was a good idea.

82. Group Therapy Sessions in The Bob Newhart Show

81. Pete Malloy's constant mocking of Jim Reed, which Jim Reed doesn't realize because he's utterly clueless about everything

80. "LAWMAN....LAWMAN....LAWMAN...." (You'll be hearing the scarily deep voice in your nightmares)

79. Mr. Thurston Howell III

78. Bret Maverick

77. Incomprehensible music videos on The Monkees

Micky's beloved upholstery poncho? Check. Everyone running into each other for no reason? Check. Liberace cameo? Che--WHAT?!

76. Miss Barbara Stanwyck (her credit in Big Valley)

75. James West's ability to single-handedly take on ten men in a fight...and win.

74. The Lone Ranger's silver bullets
73. Carol Kester

72. Josh Randall's sawed-off shotgun: "I'm just a little bitty feller, I need a big gun."
71. "Gun-Shy" -- DYING OF LAUGHTER

70. "HATCHET!"

69. Mary Ann's Coconut Creme Pie

68. "Porkchops and uh, apple sauce"

67. Rhoda Morgenstern

66. Hannibal Heyes' "silvery tongue"

65. Rollin Hand + Cinnamon Carter

64. Madame X

63. Rock Hudson's mustache

62. The theme song for Peter Gunn

61. McGill, "with a big M and a big G"

60. Chad Cooper and Joe Riley's combined awesomeness and their ability to think up scathingly brilliant ideas any time of the day or night...

59. Occasional Wife: a show created for the sole purpose of allowing Michael Callan to do nothing but walk around smiling rakishly for a half hour every week.

58. Sabrina Duncan

57. Every show that allowed Bradford Dillman to smile evilly

56. The fact that Dr. Richard Kimble has dozens of females all over the country just WAITING for HIM to be proven innocent, but he has no intention of ever seeing them again.

55. Night Gallery's extreme fear-causing nature

54. The Cartwright Curse (all females considering marriage...BEWARE!)

53. The utter and complete mental insanity of Gidget's sister and brother-in-law

52. The Kid's far too impossibly fast fast draw

51. "1-Adam-12, 1-Adam-12: a 415 fight group...with chains and knives!"


49. Station 51

48. The tears of a paralyzed Joseph Cotten

47. Suzanne Pleshette in The Wild Wild West

46. Judy Hensler: "I'm GONNA TELL ON YOU!"

45. Rhoda's wedding

44. The fact that if Perry Mason takes your case... you're totally gonna be accused of murder pretty soon.

43. "Tuesday, August 29th: The day the running stopped."

42. James West's hollow boot heel which ALWAYS has whatever he exactly needs (a gun, a bomb, 6 feet of rope ;-D)

41. The wisdom of Skinny Mulligan

40. Adam-12/Emergency! crossovers = MIND BLOWN. (Johnny and Roy meet Pete and Jim in one episode and in another episode Johnny and Roy are watching Adam-12 on TV! WHAT?! Yes.)

39. The Saint's awesome Volvo

38. The tin can crushed by Cary Grant's left rear tire

37. Lt. Uhura (it doesn't matter that I exceptionally hate this show -- Uhura is ALWAYS STINKIN' AWESOME!)

36. KYLE, WHO IS COOL AND AWESOME AND DOESN'T DESERVE THE DISDAIN OF *ahem* CERTAIN PEOPLE. Also: he loves you Casey. He truly loves you. ;-D

35.Murray: "Is the Pope Catholic?" Ted: "I think so, but I'm pretty sure the last one wasn't."


33. Vito Scotti

32. Bennett Cerf's genius at guessing mystery guests

31. Mary Richard's flannel nightgowns

30. McGill's (I actually think it's just Richard Bradford's) inability to not mumble 98.6% of his lines. (I have also discovered that when drugged/tortured/brainwashed he slurs his lines an added 75%!)

29. "My name is Talky Tina...and I'm going to KILL you."

28. Artemus Gordon's disguises/accents/brilliant fake mustaches

27. THE corvette in Route 66

26. The fact that Little Joe and Adam always call each other "younger brother" and "older brother" in the most awesomely derisive ways!

25. Jack Lord's immovable hairstyle

24.No Frills Airline

23."Arthur" (Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode)

22. The Pottsylvania Creeper

21. Jerry Helper

20.The Kid never winning a coin toss. Ever.

19. "As always, should you or any of your IM force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. Good luck, Jim. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds."

18. The fake laughter in I Love Lucy that is used over and over and over: the woman's voice in said laughter that always goes "Uh OH!"

17. The Dr. Loveless created evil clone of James West: code-name Janus. Robert Conrad's evil villain on Columbo: Milo Janus. Coincidence? I THINK NOT. ;-D

16. Pete Malloy's scary lady stalker

15. Alan Brady's toupees

14. LaRue's use of asthma as a weapon

13. Bat Masterson's cane

12. Laura Petrie's capris

11. Mrs. Cathy Gale's kick-awesome judo skills

10. Artie's Great-Aunt Maude

9. Columbo's beloved cigar and nonexistent pencil

8. The fact that Martin Milner (Pete Malloy), David Janssen (Dr. Richard Kimble), and Clint Eastwood (Rowdy Yates) were army friends in the early '50s. My mind cannot comprehend.

7. Everything Fred Mertz chooses to be

6. Rod Serling's voice.

5. Mr. Gianelli's death from being crushed by a zucchini cart

4. Simon Templar's raised eyebrow

3. Harvey Korman's inability to not laugh hysterically at the mere sight of Tim Conway

2. Aunt Sally's Pecan Pralines

1. Dr. Miguelito Loveless

And there you have it! What are some of your favorite things about classic television?