Friday, June 24, 2011


We're gonna miss you, Mr. Falk.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Photo of the Day!

David Janssen is watching himself on TV....AND SMILING.

I am not prepared to handle this kind of utter coolness.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Go...and view the perfection...NOW!

My youngest brother just showed me this (it was a special feature on one of his Incredible Hulk seasons) and I immediately had to post it to YouTube.

It's horribly cheesy...BUT SO PERFECT.

Everyone needs to go watch the utter brilliance of Alias Smith and Jones. You will NEVER be disappointed! NEVER. ;-D


Thrilling Themes: The Wild Wild West

Theme songs can make or break a show in my opinion (and my opinion is clearly the majority opinion always ;-D). Brilliant theme songs can elevate a show to legendary status -- and forever be stuck in the minds of all who hear it once.

One of my absolute favorite, if not favorite, theme songs of all time is for The Wild Wild West (one of the most obviously perfect products of television ever). The music itself is just utterly awesome and exciting and wunderbar. But then you add in the spectacular visuals, and you get a stylish and utterly '60s creation -- absolutely perfect for a show that is classified in the genre of sci-fi spy western.

1st season (B/W):

2nd-4th seasons (color):

Besides the change from B/W to color, there is also the added bit with James West punching the lady. This is actually very unlike Jim (first season is more realistic to the show) and he only hit a lady once in the entire series -- and it was actually a guy disguised as a lady (it's a long story ;-D). But, hey. It's all cool and she kinda deserved it, so... (Not a good plan to pull a knife on President Grant's greatest Secret Service Agent.)

Just hearing that music gets me all excited (and oddly wanting to eat a pack of Smarties...which is inexplicably strange) AND I REALLY NEED TO GO HAVE A WWW MARATHON. Okay, bye!

I'll be back tomorrow with another favorite theme song!


Any WWW fans out there?!