Monday, July 25, 2011

Photo of the Day!

Honey about to take down Sam.

This is what they do for fun when they're bored.

It's completely normal. Aunt Meg thinks nothing of it -- neither does Honey's pet ocelot Bruce, who is lounging on the couch in the corner.

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. said...

I'm so often struck how such a perfect show as this was canceled after one season. Honey West new her shit. I just found your blogs and love them. I'm in Arizona watching an episode of Route 66 that you reviewed, 'A Bridge Across Five Days.' - I think Route 66 is one of the great overlooked masterpieces in TV history. Sterling Silliphant created a show of such emotional depth and creative excellence. I happen to be a massive fan of 'Sea Hunt' and just got through watching the eight episodes that Leonard Nimoy was in during his early career. Lovely stuff.